​​​Q and A

How much does it cost?   

Tuition is paid by Trimester,  Fall to Christmas, January- March, April to End of year.

The cost is based on $18 a week, so for example, if we start the week of October 22nd there would be about 8 weeks of band before Christmas so the cost would be $144.

How do i get an instrument? 

Some people may already own a band instrument. If you do I suggest that you take it to a local instrument music store to have it checked to be ready.  We recommend either Robert M. Sides in Wilkes-Barre or Deluca's Music in plains.  I would also be willing to check out your instrument but I am not equipped to do any repairs if needed.  

Rent to Own  Some people like to use a rent to own program.  This allows you to have a quality band instrument with a low monthly payment.  We recommend the program at Robert M. Sides

BUYER BEWARE Please be aware that there are many poor quality band instruments available on the internet and in some stores.  The problem with these instruments is that they are made of poor quality materials and wear out and break easily.  If the instrument is not working properly it cannot not be played easily and students become frustrated and lose interest quickly.   Please feel free to contact me at any time to check on brand names.

Used instruments  I am a big believer in purchasing used QUALITY instruments.  Woodwinds may require expensive repairs if the pads and corks are worn.  This may not be obvious to you if you are not familiar with them.  Brass instruments just need to have all the parts moving well.  This means valves and slides.   Again, if i may be of assistance with purchasing a used instrument, please get in touch. 

FREE Instruments  I have a small selection of instruments available for loan on a first come first served basis.  These are older instruments that work well but are not cosmetically the best.  Please contact me for availability if you want your child to participate but may not be able to afford an instrument. 

ray@lessonsforband.com   570-357-2680

Welcome to the Rock Solid Band web page.  This is an exciting new adventure for Rock Solid Academy where students will learn to play a BAND instrument in weekly lessons and PLAY in a full band rehearsal each week.  To get started please fill out the survey below to provide us with your instrument choices and personal information.  There is no obligation at this point. This is just a survey to find out how much interest there is in playing in BAND  There will be a formal registration once we establish interest. 

This is the site for Band Instrument Music Lessons in Northeast Pennsylvania       

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